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Hard Surface

Carpet Care
CFS is proud to be a franchise partner of the MilliCare network and dry powder system, and upholding the MilliCare promise of Clean Living, Clean Working for our customers Learn more how CFS can clean your Carpet ▶
Textile Care
Your textiles will look and feel new again with MilliCare’s high-energy solution application that power cleans each fiber.The instantaneous recovery system makes it virtually impossible to soak fabrics, resulting in significantly shorter dry times. Learn more how CFS can clean your Textile ▶
Hard Surface
Our constant, planet-wide research for the best and safest cleaning products leads us to many exceptional innovations. But when we can’t find a superior solution, we create it ourselves. That’s the CFS story behind our hard surface cleaning. Learn more how CFS can restore your hard surfaces ▶
Grout Restoration
Tile is more popular than ever in the public spaces of facilities today. But dirt and bacteria hide in tile grouting and that isn’t popular. Learn more about Grout Restoration by CFS ▶

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